The association aims at sensitizing the masses about proper waste disposal particularly plastics, working together with various environmental agencies to create a safe and eco-friendly environment for the future generation. Separating bottles, bags, straws, glasses, soda bottles, metal and cans, from garbage will the first step forward.
The association needs full support from KCCA to assist in placing specially designed bins for plastic waste at the dumping sites, especially refuse exposed as the road side and the water drainage. It is also aimed at supporting the plastic industry in various capacities like mobilizing man power for promotion of recycling industry which ultimately leads to more job opportunities and an improved welfare.
“Plastic waste material once properly managed can contribute to the beginning of a long economic stride in Uganda.” Naim Sabra, Managing Director of Pipeline Design and Foam Industries and founder member
says. It will also hold the responsible government agencies accountable to proper waste disposal and creating an enabling environment for this, that is, placing dust bins in the neighborhood, regular cleaning of trenches and timely pick up of rubbish when due. “Sensitization on separating all recyclable waste like glass, bottles, plastic and metal tins should be encouraged to simplify the recyclers’ job once waste is collected, says Naim.

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