A new plastic recyling organization to give the country a better look!
about usThe association aims at sensitizing the masses about proper waste disposal particularly plastics, working together with various environmental agencies to create a safe and eco-friendly environment for the future generation. Separating bottles, bags, straws, glasses, soda bottles, metal and cans, from garbage will the first step forward.
The association needs full support from KCCA to assist in placing specially designed bins for plastic waste at the dumping sites, especially refuse exposed as the road side and the water drainage. It is also aimed at supporting the plastic industry in various capacities like mobilizing man power for promotion of recycling industry which ultimately leads to more job opportunities and an improved welfare.

[icon name=”bolt” size=”48″ color=”454545″]Vision Statement
Promote the interests of Plastic
Manufacturers in the country
to the government and the Private

[icon name=”bolt” size=”48″ color=”464545″]Mission Statement
UPMRA is dedicated to supporting Plastic Manufacturers and Recyclers and all other related stake holders in their quest for proper waste disposal and fight against the misconception that plastics are non environmental friendly.

[icon name=”bolt” size=”48″ color=”454545″]Why Choose Us?
Uganda Plastic Manufacturers (UPMRA) was founded with the view
that Kampala City and the entire country should keep clean from any
waste like plastics, bottles, bags, straws, glasses, soda bottles, etc

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